Monday, 8 September 2014

Two poems from Ithel Colquhoun

The Grimoire collection was published in 1973 by Ore Publications of Stevenage. The poems form part of a series of some 22 poems - the 13 Celtic tree months and the nine yearly festivals. They are interleaved by Colquhoun drawings.


June 10th - July 8th

Mysterious coppice of saplings
bent from the west
And Oaks of Eden in level grassy
With those of greater girth called
Gog and Magog
Under the towering shadow of the
Glass Mount
Forgive me that I forgot your
timely libation !
I was drinking from a golden bowl
of light
I was bathing in a diamond spray
of sea -
Do not strike with your lightning-
rod but stand
Robust, a wand enduring in my


February 2nd

The celandine's array of
Calls out with vibrant tongue
St.Brigid's praise
And oyster catchers, where her
grown lambs graze
Along the strand, proclaim her
earliest light

With covens of sharp cries.
Revealed in them and in the
Their zig-zag wing your territory
Who wear the yellow flowers like
a dress

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