Friday, 3 June 2016

Dada Garden

On Sunday 24th April at the Priest House Museum, in the center of Wimborne, Dorset I performed a new piece called Panarchy.
The piece can be downloaded for free along with other performances from the day here
Inspired by the theory in which systems of nature, humans as well as combined human-natural systems are interlinked in continual adaptive cycles.

The event was set up by Adrian Newton to Celebrate a century of Dada, in a garden setting.
It included
– Performances of improvised and experimental music
– Installations, sound art, horticulture, notallotments
– Experimental video, dada manifestations, things left behind
An installation featuring my piece Venus Rosalia was also featured on the day entitled ‘Sounds emanating from foliage’
Here is a short clip of the piece on the day

The program featured works by Gerauschhersteller, Nemeton, Matthew Shaw, Max Bellancourt, Language Timothy!, Watt Tyler, Order of the Hoof, Jon Lloyd, Rochelle Rochelle, Michael Tanner, David Rogers – and more

A video posted by @texlahoma on
A video posted by @texlahoma on
A video posted by @texlahoma on

Among the Never Setting Stars

Among The Never Setting Stars by Matthew Shaw