Monday, 5 April 2010

Fougou 'Reversed Dreams of This Nature"

Reversed Dreams of this Nature - CDR

FOUGOU: Reversed Dreams of this Nature - CDR (Ikuisuus, 2010)

1. Bicones
2. Ladram Bay
3. Oculus
4. Urnfield
5. The Sentinel Watches

"Truly an "underground" project, Fougou (pronounced "foo-goo") is a new venture by Brian Lavelle and Matthew Shaw which takes its starting point in the mysterious prehistory of Cornwall in the southwest of the British Isles, in particular that areas's enigmatic subterranean chambers known as fougous. Credible theories have proposed that the purpose of these chambers was ritualistic - as portals to elsewhere. The music of Fougou flows from that idea and is inspired also by the writings of British archaeologist and researcher, T.C. Lethbridge (1901-1973) along with other like-minded individuals. It is an attempt to capture the music of the earth and the stones, as well as the sound of the spaces between those stones.

Dense electronics, synthesizers, vocals and other elements combine to sinister and often startling effect in the music; and the importance of "location" plays a central role in Fougou, as field recordings from important sites such as Cerne Abbas, Cairnpapple Hill and Stonehenge lurk in the depths of the debut album, Reversed Dreams of this Nature. And although Matt and Brian's individual contributions to this disc were recorded separately hundred miles apart, the music has a naturally live feel which betrays its distant origins and creates something far greater - and deeper - than the sum of its parts.

Further recordings and live performances will happen in the course of 2010."

Among the Never Setting Stars

Among The Never Setting Stars by Matthew Shaw