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Coming in May on Apollolaan...

...Benjamin Wetherill

My Broken Tex La Homa Review

With the late addition of a collaboration between My Broken 101 and Matt Shaw (Tex La Homa), this latest CuRioSiTy event was the first (to my knowledge) to only feature bands from the local vicinity. Whilst the quality on show for these nights has been consistently high, the turnouts have occasionally been lacklustre, so it could have been seen as a brave move to put on a CuRioSiTy without a 'big name' out of town headliner. If it was a risk it proved to be worth taking, as by the time Adsono took to the stage Mr.Kyps was pleasingly full.

Not so full for the My Broken Tex La Homa ensemble, which was a shame because for me they were the highlight of a quality triple-header. My Broken 101 just do it for me; their brand of dirty, bass-heavy psychedelic rock hits all the right spots. Having recently had them playing to my face at The Gander, this experience was a little more distant, and though the sound quality here was as good as we've come to expect at Mr.Kyps, the slight la…

Coming soon on Apollolaan...


Stonehenge April 2008

White Blossom

Post gig Picture

Pink Blossom


JOHN RENBOURN and ROBIN WILLIAMSON live at Bournemouth Folk Club

My Broken Tex La Homa

Wroclaw Square

Wroclaw April 2008

Live @ the Fox, Lewisham