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Binyam Free! & statement.

Statement of Binyam Mohamed


I hope you will understand that after everything I have been through I am neither physically nor mentally capable of facing the media on the moment of my arrival back to Britain. Please forgive me if I make a simple statement through my lawyer. I hope to be able to do better in days to come, when I am on the road to recovery.

I have been through an experience that I never thought to encounter in my darkest nightmares. Before this ordeal, “torture” was an abstract word to me. I could never have imagined that I would be its victim. It is still difficult for me to believe that I was abducted, hauled from one country to the next, and tortured in medieval ways – all orchestrated by the United States government.

While I want to recover, and put it all as far in my past as I can, I also know I have an obligation to the people who still remain in those torture chambers. My own despair was greatest when I thought that everyone had abandoned me. I have a duty …

DRMWPN on Vinyl!

tex la homa review from Blog Critics music magazine

The beautifully photographed album art gives a clue as to the atmosphere of Tex La Homa’s latest release Little Flashes Of Sunlight On A Cold Dark Sea. The title, however, says it all. Tex La Homa is the side project of UK singer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Shaw. The name is taken from Canadian author Douglas Coupland’s 1991 novel Generation X. The first Tex La Homa album, Dazzle Me With Transience, arrived in 2002. It was a lo-fi, low frequency atmosphere that Matt created around haunting melodies, and understated electronic sounds. It was meshed together to produce a satisfying collection of largely chill out ballads.The next album If Just Today Were To Be My Entire Life followed in 2003. It continued in the same dream pop territory to good effect. Now we have Little Flashes Of Sunlight On A Cold Dark Sea (Acuarela, 2008). For this album Matt abandons his electronic experimentation and instead has totally stripped everything down to produce an intensely personal set of lo-fi song…

New on apollolaan...Plinth

Available now from

BHone Review of "Little flashes..."

Matt Shaw is a machine. He makes albums over breakfast. The last time he played a gig with us, as Tex la Homa at The Bournemouth Railway Club a few months ago, he gave me a ‘handful’ of his latest recordings. Little Flashes Of Sunlight On A Cold Dark Sea was, at time of handover, his latest long-player. There may have been others since. Machine-like he may be in regards to his rate of productivity, but on this offering he’s completely in touch with his emotions. More than any other Tex la Homa album I’ve heard Little Flashes… is musically stripped bare, intentionally exposing the often dark and deeply personal lyrics. Any adornment to the acoustic guitar and piano is minimal and perfectly used, simply embroidering the songs borders. Lyrically this is almost exclusively involving the relationship between man and woman, and as such it’s not always easy listening. 'Sandbach' being an exception, as Matt reminisces about his schooldays and childhood. The album is …

Cat Lady

Texlahoma live at Club Anemone 2008

Nick Palmer, Michael Tanner & Matthew Shaw
Photo taken by Peter Delaney

DRMWPN out on vinyl soon...

more from Reprieve on Binyam...

Reprieve client Binyam Mohamed is a victim of “extraordinary rendition” and torture. He was initially held illegally in Pakistan for four months, where a British intelligence agent interrogated him under circumstances later found to be likely illegal by the British court. He was rendered to Morocco by the CIA on July 21, 2002, where he was tortured for 18 months, with the British government apparently supplying information and questions used by the Moroccan torturers. On January 21, 2004, he was rendered a second time, to the secret “Dark Prison,” an underground prison in Afghanistan, where his torture continued. Since September 2004, he has been held in Guantánamo Bay. He has never been tried for any crime.

Yesterday the High Court in London held in a judgment that details of Binyam’s ill-treatment at the hands of the US and Pakistani authorities should not be published because the US authorities had threatened to withhold intelligence sharing with the UK, should the information …

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apollolaan reviewed in Terrascope





Specialising in short-run, hand painted CDRs, Apollolaan releases are blessed with quality and variety, the emphasis on the individual and experimental. Judging by these three albums, it is a venture well worth supporting, especially as the founder is a regular visitor to the Terrascope forums.

Home to just one long track, “Five Perspectives (or the same event)”, is a slowly building piece that opens with the repeated refrain “I Was Born To Silence”, hypnotising you the chant gradually fading as other instrumentation takes over. With whispers of synths and whistles, the sounds creep into being, until a wave of distorted drone flows into the music, fragile and beautiful, the sound ever rising, until, it too, is lost, the vocals re-asserting themselves, painting some wonderful, evocative images behind your retina. From here on in a me…