Thursday, 25 June 2009

Monday, 8 June 2009

New Terrascope reviews...

New reviews from Terrascope!
"Always beautifully packaged and worthy of your attention are the releases from Apollolaan Recordings. The Latest batch does not disappoint, so let’s start with the soft strangeness of Tex La Homa, (Matt Shaw), whose latest five-track EP “The Rites of Spring”, mixes gentle acoustic guitar, flutes, bells and almost whispered vocals into an intoxicating whole. After the introductory lullaby instrumental of “Bonnie”, we are led into a stranger dream filled world as “The Bridge” reveals itself to be a surreal hallucinatory tale, reminding me of Kevin Ayers in its feel. Opening with bell and flute “Wild Swan” is another dream washed journey, the piece turning into a vocal drone, rising and falling until the echoed flute returns, curling like mist around our thoughts. After such mystery, the gentle guitar of “Penn Hill” is a welcome breeze, a chance to sit in the sun before a rattle of electronic insects heralds the arrival of “Sunshine and Snow”, the disturbing sounds used as a backing for spoken words, the listener needing to strain to hear the meaning, producing an intense and edgy soundscape that is a long way from the gentle acoustics of the opening track. On the same label, Wink is a three piece group whose self-titled release contains one 27-minutes track which was recorded live. Utilising guitars (bowed and picked), effects, loops and laptops, Anne Chris Baker, Romke Kleefstra and Jan Kleefstra have created a softly flowing drone piece with spoken words and gently falling notes, the music rich and overflowing with emotion. As the music moves on it ebbs and flows, giving the impression that you are on a journey, floating on a timeless river unaware of past or future. Definitely one for the headphones this is music to be enjoyed alone, a deeply satisfying trip. Proving that variety is the spice of life, the final release on the label is “Onehundredandonedrones” , a collection of pulsing electronic tunes from Mybroken101, with opening track “Drones” setting the pace as a relentless rhythm and squashy breaks dance out of the speakers, a dirty distorted guitar adding to the volume and adding to the fun. Things are slowed down slightly for the more ambient electronics of “Monday (Tex La Homa Remix), which sounds like Renegade Soundwave, the slower pace remaining in place for “Never Down Again” an icy blast of electronic repetition that is highly effective. Add to this the droning wash of “Through the Darkness” and a heavier bass mix of “Never Down Again” ;and you have a collection well worth turning up loud and getting completely lost in.("

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Among the Never Setting Stars

Among The Never Setting Stars by Matthew Shaw