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Pole Star at Volcanic Tongue

Stunning new hand-made/hand-lettered private press edition of only 30 copies from magical UK soundist Matthew Shaw: recorded live at London’s Cafe OTO on the same bill as Andrew Chalk, Pole Star sees Shaw moving into a form of stripped down extended/smeared devotional song work with a long single track that unites Shaw’s interest in site/time specific field recordings with the lunar cycles of Coil, Alpha Centauri Tangerine Dream and Aguirre-era Popol Vuh. Shaw’s structures bloom and grow with a slow, organic grace, moving from circling UFO melodies to visions of synthesised pastoral bliss cut with a new, slightly more overt vocal performance that really elevates the piece, coming on like a voice through clouds with alla the otherworldly oracular appeal of a Jhon Balance. Limited supply, obviously, so don’t sleep! Get it here


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