Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Equinox - Digital release

Equinox working from Matthew Shaw: here Matthew uses guitar, moog, vocals, kaoss pad and phonography in a split series of workings recorded during the dawn and evening chorus of the Equinox 2013. More orchestral and guitar-psych focussed than previous volumes, Matthew matches the rising and setting of the sun with arcing beams of extended E-bow guitar and great rainbow tones, assembling a constantly shifting string setting that sounds both ancient and futuristic, melding the elegiac English feel of William Lawes viol work with contemporary devotional music like Popol Vuh and Coil. One of Matthews most complexly plotted and compositionally advanced works, very beautiful, hand-numbered/lettered and in hand-made sleeves. highly recommended.
David Keenan
Originally released as a handmade cdr edition of 22 copies.
Matthew Shaw – Guitar, Moog, Voice, Kaossilator, phonography.
Recorded during dawn & evening chorus of the Equinox 2013

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