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Miles of Smiles and Café OTO present: Andrew Chalk Quartet + Matthew Shaw

Miles of Smiles and Café OTO present: Andrew Chalk Quartet + Matthew Shaw

Andrew Chalk Saturday 18 January 2014

Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £8 adv / £10 on the door


For the Café OTO Projects Promoters and Artists Fund, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Miles of Smiles is extremely proud to present a very special pair of interlinked shows exploring the mercurial nature of the British outsider/ experimental impulse as it filters through the pastoral, idyllic & individual (Andrew Chalk and Matthew Shaw on Saturday 18 January), and the urban, industrial and collective (Vibracathedral Orchestra and Blood Stereo on Saturday 8 February).


Andrew Chalk is an artist and musician based in Hull. Restlessly active since the mid 1980s, he has built a breathtaking and highly acclaimed body of work under an elusive series of guises. These include releases under his own name; as Ferial Confine; and through a wide range of collaborations, spanning from Mirror (alongside Christoph Heeman) and with David Jackman’s Organum, to work with The New Blockaders and a cassette release for legendary UK noise label Broken Flag.

In recent years Chalk has become increasingly synonymous with the output of his own Faraway Press imprint, which has painstakingly governed the release of an ever-more-mesmerising accumulation of super-limited edition CDs and LPs. Sumptuously, almost ritualistically designed and packaged, these gorgeously esoteric artifacts bear visuals which stand alone as artworks in the true sense, but which also offer flickering insight into the enveloping subtlety of the minutely crafted sound-worlds within.

With regard to this music, ‘hermetic’ is a word often applied to Chalk’s work, and there are few artists for whom this epithet is more apt; the sparse-seeming but infinitely intricate layers indicate both a muse and a creative process that is secluded, hidden, but also deeply imbued with a pure and unaffected naturalism/mysticism.

Andrew’s London appearances are rare and beautiful things, and this event will see the first ever UK performance of his quartet with Timo Van Luijk, Jean-Noel Rebilly and Tom James Scott.


For an evening where patient fingers will craft hymnals at the meeting-point of cracking seed-husks and sap-beneath-bark; the ocean’s roar and the electromagnetic thrum of cloudless, star-filled skies, we are hugely honoured to host Matthew Shaw, a second reclusive seer of British pastoral drone.

Through his work as Tex La Homa and in collaborations with Scottish sound artists Brian Lavelle (as Fougou) and Andrew Paine (as The Blue Tree), Shaw has refined an approach that is distinctive and powerful, sifting found sounds and field recordings with finely traced details and mounting swells of treated strings, guitar, synth and a broader uncatalogued sonic apparatus.

This has resulted in the perfection of an idiom which, though wholly Shaw’s own, unites the organic resonances found in Richard Skelton’s fellwalker’s symphonies with the fiery, silver-hued crop-circle afterburners of Flying Saucer Attack.

This performance was funded through the OTO Projects Promoters and Artists Fund set up to support the creation and delivery of new live events with UK-based musicians. This fund was made possible with support from the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.


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