Sunday, 31 March 2013


A week ago I visited Japan for the first time. I've longed to visit Japan for many, many years.
It's a place that I've felt a great connection with, loved the music, literature and culture of for a long time without having ever actually being there.
My music first found a home on a Japanese label with Painted Sky Disks and again on & Records and yet I've never made it there in person before now.

This past week then was very special and something of a dream come true.

I'll post more about the the trip in general soon but I would like to start for now with a wonderful coincidence, that is a concert organized by Takahiro Yorifuji at SAKAIKI the very night I arrived.

SAKAIKI is the perfect venue for ambient and experimental music, I'm sure it's equally great for art, Jazz, dance, poetry and much more too. A friendly, inviting and intimate venue that I hope to play myself someday.

Takahiro will be better known to some as Hakabune, one of my favorite recording artists and someone I have been very proud to release on Apollolaan Recordings with his "I discover I'm missing" cd.

First up was  Reizen, my first encounter with his music, and it was something very special. I made a small video recording of part of his set.

Next up was Tone Masubune, a trio comprising of Hakobune, Pelktopia and Straytone. This was a great collaboration, and a perfect mix, improvised Japanese perfection for a very jet lagged brain!
You can read more about Sakaiki hereYou can check out music from Hakobune here

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