Building a Stone Circle

Over the last couple of months I had a dream come true of a project to work on; to arrange, plan and build a stone circle in Dorset. The reason for this was for a new set of perfumes by Simon Constantine for Gorilla perfumes. Simon created six new scents, collectively called set in stone. The plan was to build a stone circle in an area of Dorset that contained many o the raw materials used as possible, and that each stone would represent one of the perfumes. Then at the launch there would be live music, again one separate track for each perfume as well as talks from Simon as well as the very brilliant Paul Devereux. Below are photos of the build which was marked out by myself and Steve Brackstone, with the stones supplied and the circle built by Suttles, a local Purbeck stone company. Advice of the shape of the circle and it's positioning and the choosing of the stones was also contributed to by the archeologist Julian Richards. I will be posting photos and a video from the event itself soon. The stone circle will be remaining at this site for future generations to use and enjoy.


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